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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and on the tutor place, neutralizing that explosive material found around 3:30 this afternoon. now, that material was a small amount of the acid that was found inside a world war ii girl scout's first aid kit. at the time, it was used as an inment. it comes in an explosive. the historic place was evacuated and residents were told to shelter in place. >> that is an estate, so there is plenty of acreage around it. we are working with the police and the bomb squad. we need to make sure it's done in a safe manner. >> reporter: that explosive has been destroyed. no threat is posed to the community. back to you. >> all right, that's the good news for sure, thank you. the woman police say is responsible for making the threats that caused the chaos on the metro system this morning is being evaluated at a
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mental health facility. thousands of people that use that redline ended up on buses and late to work today. scott broom is live in rockville where all of this happened with reactions. >> reporter: passengers took this threat very seriously. this morning's bomb scare created chaos, leaving thousands looking for other ways to work. it starletted with the 51-year- old woman who made threats just as the train was leaving rockville's station. >> we have multiple witnesses saying she got down on her knees and made threats that you killed my family and now i'm going to kill you all. >> reporter: and the passengers pushed the panic intercom, the train stopped with one car in the station. is can and people opened up the doors with the emergency handles and fled on to the tracks. some walked all the way to the next station at twin brooks. and the woman was arrested
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outside the robville station among passengers who fled the train, no bomb was found. and while all this was happening, metro was sending twitter messages with detailed information about what was going on. and even retweeting, suggesting the detours for users. the online watchdogs were impressed. and one is tweeting back, well, that was a fiasco on the redline this morning, except that i actually have no complaints about how they handled it. >> for about the last two and a half to three weeks, we have been responding to customers on twitter at metro, opening up the stores. it is really our opportunity to give them another level of information, you know, about what is going on. >> reporter: so a step forward apparently for metro's communications capabilities. now, what they could not do is communicate with the 35 something people that got out on the tracks and started walking down the tracks. that forced metro to shut down the electricity on the system. it stranded another train between here in twin brook.
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they stayed until 10:05 this morning. it was a two-hour disruption that sent thousands of people on the buses or other ways to work. reporting live at the rockville station, i'm scott broom, 9news now. >> all right, thank you. and new at 6:00, two arrests were made in the arlington cold case. a murder back in december of 2009. the victim was found dead in the street. and the steps from busy bars and restaurants where police have now arrested two men for the murder. one from maryland, the other from dc. both are pending extradition to arlington. the maryland congressman is talking about a painful loss to his family. his nephew, christopher cummings was a student at old dominion university in norfolk, virginia. someone killed him early friday morning in an offcampus house where he lived with several other people. the representative says he cannot describe the pain. >> i have been asked by my
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family to do something that will be probably one of the most difficult things in my life. and that is to do the yule gee for my nephew. and i am going to do that, but it will take every bit of strength that i have in my body. he is a graduate of forest park hospital, studying criminal science at old dominion. his roommate was also shot. the roommate is in critical condition. the white house is now weighing in on congressman anthony weiner's twitter scandal. they call his actions inappropriate and a distraction. now, we are are learning he might be leaving his position as for photos are released. epinaoi -- i mean, this is an electronic version of a flasher. >> reporter: and weiner was not there. we're told that the new york
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congressman is getting treatment. five of the leaders have been targeted by the recent evaluations or investigations. they are taking a toll acing among the city leaders who can see that they have lost a lot of the public's trust. >> those rules have not been changed since 1985. he was front and center as the dc council began hearings into the new ethics bill today. but at the same time, brown was learning that he has to come up with the >> reporter: 174,000. last the amount that they now say is disallowing from their 2008 reelection campaign. and they are absent from the ethic's bill, hearing that some of brown's colleagues who were also in trouble, >> reporter: harry thomas is now refusing all interviews
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about $300,000. the attorney general says that he diverted it from the kid's baseball to his own use. and the council member is not under investigation, he could not hide the disappointment and anger today. >> and a lot of the allegations that are swirling around are already against the law. they are looking to us now to set up something so that they could have greater confidence. >> reporter: the attorney general is suing the councilman for that $300,000 and plus damages. now, he shot down the ethic's bills that are needed and might be overkill. >> will it would create a redundant side. >> reporter: the congressman was spotted away from the hearing, but he is no supporter of the current ethic's bill last written. the former chief of staff is awaiting sentencing for accepting bribes on tape from taxicab operatives who were secretly working for the fbi. now, it turns out that he was the target of that probe. >> i have never accepted that. >> you have been offered a bribe? >> i'm not going to comment on that at this point. it is now apparent that i have been offered money, but it was
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never clear what it was for. >> reporter: the council member refused to accept $26,000 in cash. the money supplied by the fbi and offered to graham by the informant through losa. >> it was never clear that i had a relationship. it was just there and i held it in my hand, and i literally felt like it was radioactive. >> and still absent from the ethic's bill today, the dc council member is representing ward 7. they are looking into how she is using the services fund. he was paid by mayor vincent's campaign to attack the incumbent mayor. and now mayor gray said on last night that he has no knowledge of any payments with the story. he cannot speak for howard brooks who was a campaign aid, pretty high up. the only person that we have not heard from thus far. >> we don't have enough time to dive into this completely for sure, bruce, but is the ethics bill going to pass? i mean, you know, you look at
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that meeting, most of these people are evacuated and they didn't show up. >> they are not taking this bill seriously. it's a water down bill. they've got to do something. everybody says that it has to be tough. you need to have the powers in here. >> yes, they need to do something. don't expect even a boat on this thing for sometime in the fall. >> all right, bruce johnson, thank you for that. and now ahead, a debit card scam and your bank could be the target: anny? >> reporter: in case you forgot what spring felt like, well here it is. really nice conditions for you. and delightful weather. a little breezy, but not bad. the official high today, 81 degrees. that's below the average high of 84. and i'll let you know how long the spring-like weather will continue. and the courtroom attack caught on tape.
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they were attacked during the arraignment today. and the family lashed out after he said that they would help pay his bail. he has a long wrap sheet. the family believes that their loved one would be alive today if that defendant had not been released early from the last incarceration. and a fake text message that is scamming people out of $100,000. the customers in north carolina and virginia are getting some interesting notices on their phones. so the customers got a text telling them that their debit cards have been deactivated. and then they were told to call a phone number to enter their card number, their expiration date and their pin number. and they then made the new cards to withdraw the money. if you get one of these suspicious texts from anything,
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call police. well, officials in prince george's county indicate that they have been approached by the redskins about becoming the new home for the team's headquarters and the training facilities. and the team has replaced their home game at fedex field in landover. jobs, jobs, jobs. it's what most of us want or need. and it is the top of the line of the gop. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. three quarters of us think that the economy is bad. more than half of us are worried about our jobs. so today, the cbs early show is taping a special hour long town hall. a few weeks ago it was the president. today, the republicans had their turn. and now, bruce leshan says that it was a chance for the regular folks to is ask questions again, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, regular folks got to ask the questions. they asked tough questions as you might imagine. one of the big questions was really about medicare. a lot of people are worried
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that if they could make it to retirement, if they could make it to 65, will they be there for them? and the congressman paul ryan, the head of the house budget committee was here. now outside, big old demonstrations. a lot of critics of the plan. these folks say that it is just a bad idea to kind of shift the burden both for the states and the individuals under paul ryan's plan. now, he calls it premium support. some critics call it avoucher system, where you know, the federal government would give them a certain dollar amount to seniors depending on how much money they would make. and especially to buy their own private insurance out in the private marketplace. and so, you know, lesli down from alexandria, asked paul ryan about the future of medicare and whether it would be there for her.
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i think that he did answer my question, he gave a very specific well-reasoned answer and question. >> our package says that she will be having medicare. because what our budget does, it saves medicare. no changes for anyone above 55. for those people that are below 55, they will need to pay a lot more. >> yes, if you're wealthy, you will need to pay a lot more. and that 48-year-old woman, i mean, i'm in my 40s. we won't be having that for us if we don't do anything to save the program. >> now, lesli, they said that she appreciated the fact that this was a thoughtful well- reasoned answer, but she says that she is not satisfied with it. she really thinks that they shouldn't just secure medicare for people who are over 55. she says that the burden should be born by everybody and feels that president obama's plan is better along that line. here is really a chance to get into a whole hour-long discussion about the economy which is top on the list for a lot of people that will all be on the cbs early show tomorrow starting at 8:00 a.m.
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lesli? >> nice, we are glad to see the whole thing. thank you for that. the 2012 presidential campaign gained momentum tonight for the first major debate in new hampshire. they saw the two candidates that are considered the front runners this race. the former minnesota governor and the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney will be facing each other at 8:00 tonight. romney is leading in the polls and many strategists believe that the healthcare overhaul was initiated in massachusetts. president obama met with the corporate bosses in north carolina to get the ideas for job creations. back here, we're talking about blue skies, beautiful temperatures, and no heat alerts. >> yes, for now. >> in fact, we got below average. we're suppose to be 84, we got up to 81. in this case we'll take it. it's okay to be below average
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once in a while, especially when you top that record heat just a few days ago. right now, temperatures are in the upper 70s. 79 in dc. 75 up in frederick, and 77 degrees in leesburg. and now this stuff feels nice. dew points are only in the lower 50s, thanks to the canadian high pressure. even 49 out here. so this is why it feels so much better outside. here is a look at the satellite radar picture. we've got high pressure in place. so we're going to stay dry for the most part. maybe some scattered brief showers that could come through tomorrow afternoon. and we're watching this st. louis storm here, we could see the energy come by. but the next few days, they are looking really nice. so spring is back. tuesday morning a cool start, especially on the suburbs. tuesday afternoon, maybe some showers are possible, but you know, no major accumulations. wednesday is seasonable, and it looks just really great. so tonight, what can you expect? yeah, go outside and use the
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patios. partly cloudy, cool skies. lows are 54 to 64 degrees. northwest winds are 5 to 10 miles per hour. and 58 for manassas, 56 in winchester. fredericksburg is 56. and over here in southern maryland, 65 degrees. a little milder for you. now tomorrow morning, we're starting up partly cloudy and cool. maybe a light sweater, especially throughout the suburbs where it could get down to the 50s. otherwise, they will be looking for the northwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. in the afternoon, partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions. a bit breezy, just like today. maybe a few scattered showers, but after lunch, i think that air quality is code yellow, moderate, highs will be near 80 degrees. northwest winds are 10 to 15. highs at this time of the year is around 84 degrees. we'll be below that once again. near 80s for dc. 75 in leesburg. low to mid-70s for hagerstown and martinsburg. culpepper, you can make it to 80 degrees. all right, here is your seven- day outlook. tomorrow is friday, bring out the flags if you've got them.
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breezy highs in the near 80s. the same as wednesday. a slight chance for some scattered showers. thursday and friday morning, back up into the mid-80s with the warm front that comes flu. and also a bit with that, the area of the low pressure could bring us some showers, maybe some thunderstorms starting on thursday and friday. and as of now, we know that the weekend looks good. mid to upper 80s and dry for now. >> i'll tell you who loves these temperatures, but golfers, they love these temperatures. brett is live at congressional country club in bethesda where he is loving these temperatures too. >> reporter: if it stays like this all week we will be very happy, lesli. we got a taste of big-time golf when tiger started coming in '07, but this u.s. open deal is a completely different animal. players are out on the course today, trying to get a feel for this congressional beast. we'll get their take on the blue tracks. and plus, the hometown hero who will have his son on the bag this week. we'll catch up with maryland. 9sports is live back soon.
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welcome back to congressional everybody. the first round is not open until thursday. but all the golfers arrived here in maryland over the weekend. some of them are trickling in today. all of them want to try to get as much practice time on the blue course as possible. under the normal circumstances, it is extremely tough under the u.s. open conditions, now, it is a monster.
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7,600 yards of terror, not only redesigned since the last u.s. open here in '97, but tweaked again since the at&t nationals was played here two years ago. they won the open out here a couple years ago. now, their take on the course here, buckle up folks. >> that is the course to playing well, you know, it is out here for the moment. and if they stay like this, it will be brutal towards the end of the week. but you can get a better rain and a better scoring. >> congressional is definitely a major course for the golf courses that will be posing a lot of challenges for you, and we've got some great sides here. we'll have to see what they entail. >> well, both of them are from south africa. several fields here this week. of the 156 golfers that will be teeing it up on thursday, there is one that knows this place better than all of them and that is maryland's freddie funk.
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dc golf fans know his story well, raised in college park, served as the coach in maryland before making it on the pga tour. funk is now 55 and had to qualify for the open in his hometown. he didn't make it, now his 15- year-old son taylor will be his caddy this week, maybing this as fred calls it an all-time moment. >> he's a great caddy. he is like the 20-year vet. and he has been around golf his whole life. that's all he knows. to have him here at the u.s. open in my home is very special. >> reporter: a lot of people are pulling for fred this week. meanwhile, for all the high- tech innovations in golf, sometimes you need a little something low tech. and they call this the thing. they invented the thin right -- thing right here at this club made of piping. no, it's not for sale, we asked. and some other sports news briefly tonight and lord knows when the next time the wizards will be winning the nba title. but a bunch of former wizards
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got theirs last night. deshawn stevenson, butler, all part of the maverick's team. dirk is named the final's mvp, while the world now debates how great lebron james actually is or isn't. and whether he should now be compared to scotty piffon instead of michael jordan. anyway, they win and they get a trophy to go with all of those fines. here is a look at what lebron tweeted on his finals. the greater man is upstairs. they know when it is my time right now, and that is not my time. and he averaged about 18 a game. that's nine .s per game less than when they average -- that's nine points per game less than what they averaged. the beautiful u.s. open week is underway. we're live in bethesda. i'm brett haber, come out, but don't drive. car pool. >> yes. >> we'll come hang out with you, brett. we'll catch a ride with you. thank you. and that is it for us, another stellar night ahead, right? >> yes, it's gorgeous. get outside if you can.
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>> right. >> the cbs evening news is next. derek will be seeing you at 7:00. have a great night.


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